The Answer to How Create a Book with Your Child is "Do It"

A friend, Danielle Esler writes a blog devoted to journeys (of all types but frequently the holiday travel types) with parents and children. When she heard about Togethimals, she asked me to write a little about the motiviation and how Natahsa and I made the book come together. 

Here is just a little of what I wrote:

Your home grown creations may not be children’s literary masterpieces (then again, they might). But the beauty of “having a go” at publishing – at lots of things really – is that it promotes a sense of agency for you and for your child. It connects you with what is going on for your child in the process of play. It reminds you and them what we all know somewhere deep – trial and error is good, the “perfection” of the professional product is not the only story!

You can read the full blog entry here.

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