The Profoundly Uncreative Shall Inherit the Millions?

I was reading the profoundly frustrating article at this link about massive philanthropic donations. In fact, the frustration set in early when I read the following quote about the complexity and difficulty of giving away millions:

"There were hardly any precedents, I had to talk to another philanthropist who was also very frustrated there was no blueprint for this." 

In a world where McDonaldsisation seems often to lead to the biggest financial returns, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that these gentlemen with mega-millions to give away can't even do that without copying a process that was previously developed for them.

What scares us so much of hoeing our own road? What sort of mega-philanthropic failure haunts these gents so deeply that they can't have a play and see what works for them. What stops them shaving off a few micro-tranches of (say) $1 million with which to do a bit of experimentation, rapid cycle prototyping and fail-fast exploration?

To co-opt the title of Peter Block's wonderful book, "People, The Answer the 'How?' is 'Yes'." In other words:

  • get deeply into relationship with that which you wish to contribute to
  • get cracking and have a go and...
  • in the process, bring your whole creative self to the task and...
  • offer the world the creativity of something its never seen before.

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