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I just signed off on the following letter to one of the audiences of the Responsible Travel activity I am involved in promoting...

Monday 16 July 2014
RE: Uniting Journeys Foundation 2014-2015 Grants Program

Dear Minister

Please find enclosed two copies of our Uniting Journeys Grants brochure for 2014-2015. By way of introduction you may recall Chip Henriss’ Responsible Travel article on the back page of the June 2014 edition of Crosslight.   

One of the obvious connections between church and travel is the concept of pilgrimage.  Pilgrimage is not only about the arrival at a destination. It is about the process of moving from one place to another mindfully, and building deeper connections with those you meet and travel with along the way. 

With this program we are trying to encourage ‘responsible travel’- a way of travelling that we think will help instil the value of pilgrimage in a wider cross-section of community members.    

“Responsible travel is the idea that you can make a difference by making different choices about what you do and where and how you spend your money on your holiday and what you do in the country you are visiting.” Johannes- Uniting Journeys responsible traveller.

Thanks to a generous donation, we are instituting a grants program that will allow small groups to develop their own responsible travel adventure. The program offers up to $10,000 to six groups travelling to Indochina (Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam).  Half the funding is targeted to groups within the Uniting Church community and the other half is targeted to groups in the broader community in Victoria and Tasmania.  

The application process involves the completion of an online expression of interest available through the Uniting Journeys website – www.responsibletravel.org.au - by the deadline of 31 August 2014. A one page Terms & Conditions document is also available from the website and we will support short-listed applicants prepare their final applications.

Please refer to the website or give a brochure to any person in your congregation who you think may be pursuing overseas, small group travel ideas.  If you’ve entertained the notion yourself  of taking an overseas trip with a difference, you are also welcome to submit an expression of interest.

For any additional information please don’t hesitate to call Hank van Apeldoorn at the Commission for Mission during office hours (Mon-Thursday) on tel: 03 9251 5911 or at other times on his mobile: 0407 977 893. 

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Pyle
Director: Relationships Innovation

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