Seeking senior Melburnians interested in no-cost learning journeys to Cambodia

26/9/2013 - I am part of a process of developing a Responsible Travel business Uniting Journeys with Jetaway Travel. As part of this we are also developing a Uniting Journeys Foundation to make responsible travel opportunities available to those who might otherwise struggle to take up those opportunities.

Responsible Travel is a form of travel based on the idea of deeper connection between traveller and local community. This includes respect for local culture, custom and tradition, emphasis on sustaining local tourism and other businesses (rather than purchasing from outside entities who take profits away from the locals), lightness of ecological footprint and emphasis on processes and activities which honour and assist local people.

In the coming year, the Uniting Journeys Foundation will be considering a number of initiatives. Amongst these will be two particular tours where we will be looking to host senior (over 55) Melburnians on tours to Cambodia. The early details of the two tours are:

·        A tour where four to six expatriate Cambodian seniors from Melbourne travel with four to six other senior Melburnians. The intention is to see how different types of connection to a country impact upon the responsible travel experience.
·        A tour for up to twelve seniors who in future may be “conversation guides” for other responsible travel tours, whether they be commercial or foundation endeavours – and both in Cambodia and on other places. Those sought for this tour would demonstrate high inquisitiveness, creative thinking and a personable demeanour.

There is much to still to be worked out in terms of logistics, including times of travel and exact itineraries, application processes and final selection criteria and processes. However I am interested in knowing of people around Melbourne who might be interested in participating in such tours, so I can compile an “interested” list. The tours would be fully funded with the assistance of some generous supporters. There may also be a crowd-funding component to support some aspects of the tours, as this will allow us to “spread the load” further in terms of funding with what we are trying to achieve.

If you know of someone whose interest might be sparked by the opportunities listed here, I can be contacted at

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