Awakening Faith in An Alternative Future Part 11

Below is the final part of the commentary on my presentation to the national SOFiA conference .....and here again is the link to the full presentation:
I concluded the presentation by reflecting on the incremental nature of the U shaped journey. It is not a “final answer” in one parse but a set of practices which one keeps practising!
A short excerpt from CHOOSING TO ACT contained in Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now by Deborah Frieze and Margaret Wheatley
When I was traveling in India, I became excited about the upcycled crafts the learners at Shikshantar were creating. It aroused the entrepreneur in me, and I dreamed up a business of importing upcycledjewelry, handbags, and sculptures, which I pitched to Manish. Not only would this bring additional income to Shikshantar, I proposed, but it would be an excellent wayto share their story and the important work of upcycling, the practice of reimagining our waste, with a U.S. audience that needed to wake up to its own wastefulness. Manish was unimpressed. My proposition would merely reinforce a culture of consumption in the United States and of dependency in India: Upcyclers would be required to craft their creations for the tastes of another place.

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