Awakening Faith in an Alternative Future Part 10

Below is the next part of the commentary on my presentation to the national SOFiA conference .....and here again is the link to the full presentation:

For the segment related to "taking small scale actions (prototypes) that can be tried and improved, removed or updated in further iterations…." I referred to a quote from Jane Jacob’s book The Nature of Economies where she says "The mistake is to conclude in advance that you already have the answer you need……Maybe you do, but you probably don’t. Successful bifurcations (evolutionary developments – Ed) tend to start modestly and be tested out as they work their way into economic life – or else are dropped. While hundreds of billions of dollars were being force-fed into nuclear power, other possibilities were being starved, neglected and derided. That’s not an experimental approach."
I then showed some video presentations of how practices of prototyping and experimentation are becoming part of a much more organic way of conducting our lives.

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