Awakening Faith in An Alternative Future Part 9

Below is the next part of the commentary on my presentation to the national SOFiA conference .....and here again is the link to the full presentation:
For the segment related to “co-working and co-creating to come up with creative solutions to the problems that confront us” I played several video presentations that show how new work practices based on ancient traditions (such as using Quaker “clearness committees” to draw the wisdom from each individual in a work party) and new physical settings (such as “coworking spaces” and “maker spaces”) are creating opportunities for collaboration and ensuring that diverse gifts are brought creatively together to tackle complex problems.
I also mentioned a creative meals event called Mixed Dozen for which I have been part of the development team. It aims to capture some of the social experimentation and change dynamic which was originally part of Hellenistic meal practices. These practices eventually morphed into the Christian practice of Eucharist. These meals enable people with diverse gifts to connect and imagine new possibilities for responding to life’s challenges than they may have envisaged alone.

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