Awakening Faith in an Alternative Future Part 7

Below is the next part of the commentary on my presentation to the national SOFiA conference .....and here again is the link to the full presentation:

To illustrate the first segment (appreciating ourselves as individuals, what we have to give and what we sense and feel in our surroundings)  I talked about practices that are “re-forming” the way we asks questions of ourselves and others. The aim is to get deeper responses as to what we are feeling and seeing in the world. In the presentation I used a simple exercise with plasticine and in the workshop an exercise with vivid postcards to get people thinking differently about the question of “how am I feeling and what am I seeing in the world.” These exercises also picked up the theme “Your hands (heart, gut, eyes, nose, mouth) are smarter than your head will ever be.” In other words we were encouraging people to suspend the judgement of the head and better allow the messages coming in multiple forms from the world to be received.

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