Awakening Faith in an Alternative Future Part 6

Below is the next part of the commentary on my presentation to the national SOFiA conference .....and here again is the link to the full presentation:

The use of U as a metaphor for a journey of presence, suggests there are different practices at different stages of the journey. Different authors have divided the U into different segments. I tend to explore the U as four separate sets of practices. For this presentation I named those sets of practices (in order around the U) as: 
  1. Appreciating ourselves as individuals, what we have to give and what we sense and feel in our surroundings
  3. Immersing ourselves in the world – seeking the perspectives of others so that our perspectives don’t colonise others’
  5. Co-working and co-creating to come up with creative solutions to the problems that confront us.
  7. Taking small scale actions (prototypes) that can be tried and improved, removed or updated in further iterations…. 
As I delivered the presentation I concentrated on some contemporary practices that bring life to these segments. However I also pointed out several traditional practices (from religious contexts) that were designed to take people on this U shaped journey (even if some of that original sense of those practices may have been lost as they became rote).

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