Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Dear Colleagues,

On Friday 25 November 2011 at approximately 10:45am - all other things being equal - a rather large Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte will appear in the communal area in the middle of the fourth floor (those with various food intolerances please speak to me about alternatives). This will occur because:

1) We all appreciate a little sweetening up from time to time.

2) This is not the type of food that any of us are likely to order alone in a café, as it requires a communal eating ethic.

3) It will be fun to hear people with Germanic origins say things like “That’s not really how they make it.” ….and…

4) I like writing and saying Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

In order to enjoy this sensation, take note of these simple steps;

1) Ask someone with a Germanic background what SWKT is, if you are unsure.

2) On Friday morning at about 10:32am, infuse a green teabag in hot water for ten minutes. You will need all of the antioxidants you can muster to offset the nutritional wasteland that is SWKT.

3) Report to the common area in the middle of the fourth floor.

4) Select a piece of SWKT and then enjoy a conversation with someone you haven’t spoken to for a little while (it’s fun to talk to different people with a mouthful of K and T and the Z that holds the K between the T).

See you there, all else being equal….


Adrian Pyle
Director: Relationships Innovation
Culture and Context Unit: Uniting Church in Australia


  1. Bit envious that I missed this one! Looks divine!!

  2. ...seemed to go down well. Nothing left after morning tea!