All very interesting ....part 4

Here is the fourth and final collection of interesting facts gathered from those gathered to help celebrate my fortieth birthday....

One couple were married in Manchester, England, in 1970.

One couple keeps an artificial hip joint in their household tool box! It’s about 43 years old and came with a vital piece missing. Need a hip joint replaced? BYO!

One person used to wish they were a whale and when they made a whale suit and tested it out in their grandfather's pool they nearly drowned.

One couple attended the same high school - Wangaratta High School

Two people travelled to Eastern Europe last year on a pre-organised tour. They thought they would be with people their own age but when they got to day one of the tour – they found out they were on a tour group with retirees! They thought they were going to be in for a less than enjoyable time, but as it turned out they had a great time. They think the retirees actually partied more than they did!!

One person is a cricket fanatic.

One person’s favourite country is Angola.

One person has crossed the Simpson Desert between Oodnadatta and Birdsville eight times now.

One person has a passion to address wasted human resources. They agree with Margaret Wheatley that “Whatever the problem, Community is the answer”

One person was born on 4th July – America’s day of independence – and is considered by their family to be very independent.

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