All very interesting ....part 3

Here is the third collection of interesting facts gathered from those gathered to help celebrate my fortieth birthday....

One couple who just had their wedding anniversary recently noted that they have now been married as many years as the number of years they were together before getting married (that is, they were together 6 years when they got married, and they just celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary).

That also means they have lived in Sydney as many years as they have lived in Melbourne since being together.

They are hoping to change both these situations over the next few decades!

One person’s favourite bird is the owl. It has become that person’s personal totem and they have one tattooed on their right upper arm – along with other images and symbols.

One person “was a very good tennis player in her day.”

One person, at 22 years was watching the Sound & Light show at the Acropolis (Athens). A handsome young Greek sat down beside her & said “You have very sensible eyes”.

One person has ridden, by bicycle, the NZ Lake Taupo Challenge - 160KM in a day - twice. 1st time was to celebrate their 60th birthday (7hrs 24 min) and then again the following year (6 hours 13 min). By the end of November 2011 they will have ridden the LT Challenge 3 times.

One person is interested in how the power of small choices link to bigger issues of our lives, the welfare of future generations and how to discern these choices.

The person also plays the piano accordion.

One person spent a year living in the middle of the Nullarbor plain 200km from the nearest town, and 50 km from the nearest people. It was a bit of a shock for someone hailing originally from one of the world's biggest cities.

One person kissed the Blarney Stone and it didn’t work.

One person was a volunteer driver of an ambulance for Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta.

One couple met through an internet dating site.

One person holds Buddhist beliefs, aspires to a life of integrity and compassion and spent 20 years in Far North Queensland raising two boys and growing sport and recreation on behalf of the Queensland Government.

One person is a Karate black belt having trained in Japan.

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