All very interesting ....part 2

Here is the second collection of interesting facts gathered from those gathered to help celebrate my fortieth birthday....

One person’s dog sees a psychologist. A one-time show dog, he has “confidence” (a euphemism for “aggression") issues. As a result, the person forks out an unfeasibly large amount of money for him to see his own “behavioural consultant” each week!

One person once caught a large schnapper by hooking it in the tail - fishing on a reef off Whangamata, NZ. The person reeled it in and had it for dinner!

Between the years Adrian was 9 and 19, one person was a member of the parliament of Victoria

One family loves to travel and watch DVDs.

One person was known by their friends and family as a most unhealthy person who ate all the creamy and high cholesterol foods and did no exercise. They threatened to join a gym and their family laughed at the thought. Three years later they are probably the fittest family member and have taken about 20 years off their bio-age (and their food choices have not changed). The moral of the story is that if they can keep up with the others at the gym (for 29 minutes a day 3 days a week) then their bio-age should be the same as their children’s in about 2 years time.

One person’s best present, for three birthdays, was an addition to the family – either a sibling or a cousin. Four of the family share the same birthday.

One person and their daughter were eating breakfast at home and heard fire sirens approaching. Soon the sirens sounded extremely close and they began wondering where the fire could be. Suddenly four fire-fighters charged into our house dragging large hoses. They looked really disappointed when they realised their house wasn't on fire and didn't seem to appreciate the hoots of laughter!

One person was born at the time when South Africa was going through one of the worst droughts. On the day they were born the drought broke. Every year after that, whenever they had their birthday party it poured with rain. When the person turned three the family guttering system collapsed under the extreme downpour. Thereafter, whenever the person’s party was scheduled the family followed an African ritual to ensure no further downpours on their birthday – but it still managed to rain lightly some time during the day.

One person finally succumbed to family pressure to have a mobile phone. The next weekend they stayed with friends at their Apollo Bay house. Mid Saturday morning the mobile phone rang. The person picked it up & a voice said: Hello, it’s Helen here.” The person in question excitedly interrupted her “Helen, how did you know I was here?”

The person has never had a call from Helen since.

One person was a backup singer for Sweden in the Eurovision song contest.

One couple first met each other working at Officeworks. The male partner’s younger sister and her husband did too!

That couple first really “connected” when he went home with her to help her “connect” to the World Wide Web, using her new modem.

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