All very interesting ....part 1

Holding a gathering of people to celebrate my fortieth birthday, the question was how to weave together such a diverse group of people and create interesting conversations. The answer, this time was “Very Interesting: How Interesting Can a Group of 80 People Be?” – a small booklet containing interesting snippets about the gathered crowd! The facts were de-identified, creating the conditions for guessing and second-guessing and plenty of conversations along the way. The facts were everything from the bizarre to the everyday and all interesting in their own way. Here is the first instalment of “the facts”…..

One person has an open mind about fairies in liminal space.

One person has a unique name which is made up from their mother’s maiden name. The mother met a girl at work when she returned from maternity leave who had also given birth at about the same time. She asked the girl what the name of her baby was and she told her she had chosen a name and a spelling that no one else had. Yes, these mothers had both given their children the same name with the same spelling and had never ever discussed it before and had not ever seen anyone spell it that way before.

One person once said, “a man without a chainsaw is hardly a man at all!!”

One couple entered a radio competition hoping to win a CD, and ended up actually winning an all expenses paid holiday to the Roskilde music festival in Denmark.

One person has a background in sport and physical education and a strong focus on the importance of adopting an holistic approach, particularly drawing upon the wonders of the Body-Mind and tapping our multiple senses, the traditional 5 senses being a mere start point.

One person managed to jump out of aeroplanes over 150 times before they turned 30. This was despite the fact that they suffered from nausea when they flew in aeroplanes.

One couple met on the sidelines of a rugby game and that as far as the female partner’s family was concerned, marriage to a rugby player was kind of expected!

One person has 3 chooks which have laid 900 eggs in 11 months.

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