Operation Household Energy Reduction: Part 6 - Internal Shading

Instalment six of this offering is a fairly short, sharp offering as it relates to changes to internal shading changes in the home. Refer to the previous blog entry for some of the general ideas related to shading that we are employing.

Slowly over time we are moving away from the home’s previous internal window coverings, namely:

• vertical blinds that, for our circumstance, do not adequately control blockage or entry of light and heat and which also have dysfunctional attributes for a family with young children (easy breakage, tangling, pelmets easily dislocated)

• sheer style curtains only that offer limited thermal improvement potential and questionable privacy

• bulky, multi-layered, heavy curtains that took significant space in the room but with low thermal blocking/containing capacity.

We are switching to:

• tracked drapes or roman blinds (depending on location) with the highest rating blockout backing and significant overlap with the drapes, with tracked sheer behind for privacy – for all western, northern and eastern windows (except for the kitchen) and for southern facing bedrooms.

• heavy roller blinds within the secondary glazing (to be addressed in a separate blog entry) in the kitchen and study.

• Frosted secondary glazing only (no other window covers) providing maximum light and privacy in the south facing bathroom and laundry.

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