Pyle Family "Operation Household Energy Reduction"

For the last few years, our family has been working actively to reduce our consumption of the world’s finite resources. Even with a somewhat humble household circumstance (by western standards) we’re aware that we still consume a disproportionate amount of what the planet provides. So we have responded in a number of ways, but our most particular response has been to try to reduce the energy usage of our home. Over the next several blog posts I want to share a little of the story of our own “operation household energy reduction” and for each post I want share the following observations and caveats, just to make clear what we are grappling with:

1) whilst there are technical fixes that can contribute to energy reduction, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t concentrate exclusively on them. My gadget-attracted persona is fascinated with new photo-voltaic cell technology or the latest approach to circulating filtered warm ceiling air into the house. We consider these approaches but also try to make sure that lower cost, high impact corrections are prioritised. What good is an extremely expensive solar ventilation system if the house leaks air like a sieve?

2) Related to this point, we are aware of the relative economic capacity we enjoy that allows us to make some of these changes simply.

3) So we want to avoid seeing this as a way we can “proof” our little home against the rest of the world. 90000 litres of localised water storage might be fine if it makes sense in the context of your local rainfall and reasonable water usage. It doesn’t make much sense if it is to safeguard your lifestyle while the rest of the world runs out of water.

4) And part of the reason for adding these thoughts to this blog is to add to the conversation about what is possible and keep us all thinking about ways we can contribute to this kind of work for ALL dwellings, regardless of personal economic capacity.

5) Our efforts are not necessarily particularly remarkable in the scheme of things, but its fun to tell the story, to be encouraged in what you are doing and to encourage others...

Stay tuned….

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