In response to the philosophy of Adrian...

In response to the paper presented in the last twelve blog entries, two participants at the Yarrambat gathering recorded their thoughts and/or experiences in their blogs. I mentionted Harriet Wakelam's blog entry in the first post and Gail Plowman has also written a piece reflecting on the "technology" behind the philosophy.

Harriet wrote: I have long been concerned by our 'efficient', solution focussed society, rushing from A to B, priding ourselves on 'outcomes' and 'solutions':

I have often wondered about the value of reflection, and where it fits in our perpetual refinement. I know from my 'day job' that rapid prototyping, design thinking and creativity produce messier, but more exciting approaches to wicked problems.

Gail wrote: Personally I have been musing for some weeks now over what was a profoundly moving experience at Yarrambat and I would very much like to see a lot more Theory U-based deep conversations, especially in the light of our recent floods, and in working with Indigenous communities.

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