Philosopy of Adrian - Part Twelve: Conclusions (or Beginnings?)

Continuing to the final part, part twelve, of the document prepared for the gathering at Yarrambat...

Back to the framing question….

So what resources, ideas and possibilities can I (and the organisation I am part of) contribute to the aim of neighbourhood building? What are the most crucial and useful next steps that can be most helpful for empowering relationship building?

I suspect because of its size and as a reaction to its more mechanical orientation, we are seeing a range of responses to that question in the United States of America. One can undertake an MBA based on “U” path principles, join an organisation of political critique based on “U” ideas, participate in an organisation that’s encouraging new forms of local economy and entrepreneurship and access a wealth of resources on grassroots neighbourhood building. It is not that these organisations and possibilities aren’t coming to fruition or being proposed in Australia. But they are very much at fledgling stages and not universally known about, even in activist circles.

So what actions, activities or entities could give this conversation a boost? What contributions from me and my organisation could best support that? I am heartily looking forward to exploring these questions.

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