Philosopy of Adrian - Part Eleven: Implications

Continuing to part eleven of the document prepared for the gathering at Yarrambat...

Some implications….

Reflecting on what I have written so far, I am aware of the following implications as I see them:

1) The path of the “U” as I am using it can be seen as a general spiritual path, giving access to a life of “earth community” rather than empire. A range of spiritual traditions, philosophies and models can be seen to give access to the path.

2) Christianity, when understood and practised in a particular way, can certainly give access to that path. It offers a set of rich and unique traditions, concepts and practices that can provide that access.

3) I am increasingly seeing the role of church as:

a. to curate the deepest and richest forms of tradition and practice that encourage that path (not necessarily popular or typical understandings of the faith), but equally…

b. to recognise that there are a range of other ways to access the path, and (respecting the diversity which is so important to the U path itself) encouraging people to explore the path’s other access methods and even supporting the development of the other access methods, where this is a practical way to encourage people to travel the path.

What I am asserting here, somewhat pragmatically, is that a sustainable future for human societies is more about travelling the path – and hence celebrating human authenticity - than about how one got on to the path. It would be foolish, given what I have written above, to employ a strategy that puts all the eggs in one basket.

4) Mechanical approaches to life attempt to create a one-size-fits-all system to streamline life’s processes, regardless of who is living the life and where they are living it. The “U” path identifies this approach as wasteful of human diversity, and encourages small local solutions where the diversity of every element of society can be brought fully to life in its own specific context.

5) Creating conditions for more people to follow the “U” path, therefore means creating the conditions were truly unique neighbourhoods can develop in every place and time. Nurturant, local neighbourhoods are the spaces which can be made safe enough for the true selfhood of the individual to emerge. This means that there must be heightened awareness of the educational, organisational, philosophical, spiritual and political conditions which create such neighbourhoods.

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