Philosopy of Adrian - Part Eight: "The Way" Does Not Mean "Only One Approach Allowed"

Continuing to part eight of the document prepared for the gathering at Yarrambat...

Continued: Now use this to interpret a few beautiful but widely misunderstood Christian dogmas, ideas and traditions….

The Way

If we honour the Hebrew definition of Biblical term “the way” (derek), then we are not talking about “a defined belief set, a guarantee of sameness.” Instead this term is about a general ethos or manner or (more poetically, and borrowing the language of Jewish mystic Martin Buber) that which the true self cannot, not do.

I’m suggesting that “way” in the Christian story is the general ethos or manner of the “U” path – the gentle downward and upward of A to C to B and then continuing on A to C to B, A to C to B……

You may have gathered from what I have written that I don’t think there are absolutes about the way that path is travelled. So “I am the way, the truth and the life…” is not about mechanically memorising propositions about Jesus. It’s an invitation into the divine life by participating in a general manner or ethos (the “U” path), of which the physical person of Jesus was a profound exemplar.

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