Needing More Omega Six Fatty Acids Like a Hole in the Head

A big selling non-dairy spread recently advertised that their product, made primarily from sunflower oil, was a great source of needed omega six fatty acids. All of that is technically true, of course, but what about the moral dimension? Using this advertising technique is a bit like the oil company that encourages us to burn more fossil fuels because carbon dioxide is needed for life. It’s "true" of course but only one facet of the story. Our western diet is so rich in omega six fatty acids, such that for most of us we have the potential (at least) of a gross imbalance of omega six over omega three fatty acids. Both fatty acids are “needed” (to use the ads wording) but most of us need a stand-alone increase in our omega six intake like we need a hole in the head, because we are already out of balance. Oh to have been a fly on the wall in that advertising agency as the advertisers and the company reps put that ad together.

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