The sense of wonder and discovery that should accompany the academic experience is lost amid all the interest in scaling and the ENTER.

This blog title is formed from the words of James Lu, in a letter to the editor featured in Melbourne's The Age. Lu, a recent graduate of the secondary education system instantly grabbed my attention with his passionate words ....words that encourage us all towards change in educational systems and educational expectations. Here are some other gems from Mr Lu's letter, demonstrating his conviction, I think, that a different world is possible....

This system does not teach students the difference between what is right, and what is easy - students simply take the path that secures more marks

I regret my lack of academic failure. Our education system churns out students who are afraid to fail, afraid to go beyond syllabus requirements, and perhaps even afraid to genuinely learn.

It is a disgusting enterprise. And the result? Entry via meaningless scores into a vocational vortex with only one destination: mediocrity

It is simply part of a pernicious culture that considers high scholarship for its own sake quaint

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