Overcoming Anti-Activist Friction

I love to read of initiatives that get diverse people in neighbourhoods together to explore ideas and then provide seed funding to reduce anti-activist friction. Here is one from a newspaper article a couple of weeks ago in Waseca, south of Minneapolis. Those Minnesotans are always pushing the community development envelope (well, actually its very simple ...but they are doing it!).

We've played with grants for these purposes as well. The concept of anti-activist friction, and its alleviation with a financial payment is one of interest to me. My feeling is that this is not a bribe. Perhaps it points to the fact that - in the way we've constructed the world - the fear of financial loss (when we take risky, creative action) is very strong. Perhaps seed grants reduce that primary fear. I know I like the idea, but I wonder if that's why (and under what circumstances) it works?

Here is an excerpt form the article (by the way, hope the projects led to more than just economic growth)...

It's worth noting that, despite the economic problems of the past year, our Town Meeting Initiatives ("TMIs") have led to economic growth and prosperity in many parts of the region. Focused on specific subject areas, these TMIs bring a community's members together to evaluate their assets, set goals, and accomplish actual projects. The Foundation provides facilitation, technical assistance, and up to $15,000 to support asset-based community development (ABCD) efforts.

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