Energy for Different Practice

In a self-described "rant" Rita Nakashima Brock takes aim at her own spiritual tradition. Despite its "rantish" nature, something in me was moved by this article. I think there were two things I appreciated:

•1) the sense that even when engaging the rhetoric of creating a "new tomorrow" we are still so often tinkering around the edges. The idea that a significantly new paradigm is needed is not just a piece of psycho-babble. We WILL need to humbly challenge all assumptions and never sit comfortably with the status quo.

•2) Despite profound action on many fronts, the anti-activist friction I mentioned in the last blog is intensely powerful. It is no good blaming others for that, we all cause it and our way of life is caused by it. We have to search deeper for the energy within ourselves and our communities to practise life differently.

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