E is for Entrepreneur and for Everybody

I wonder if everybody can be an entrepreneur?
By the traditional or modernist definition of the word - the "creativity in business as a separate life activity" type definition - this would not seem to be possible. But think for a moment about Peter Block's injunction that "The Answer to How is Yes" and we see things a different way. The idea is that too much reliance on "how" questions will set us routinely looking for answers beyond ourselves and this approach undermines our "gift" to life in two ways:

•1) It devalues the fact that we each see the life situation (that led to the "how" question) in a unique way.

•2) It devalues the particular creative capacity that each individual might bring to the particular situation, and replaces it with a desire for efficient (quick) solutions.

Our need for the quick solution is often driven by the need to reach some measurable performance target. But I think we are collectively beginning to question what this need for "measurable speed" does to our capacity to be co-creators of our world. As physicist David Bohm said of measurement: Indeed, the attempt to suppose that measure exists prior to man and independently of him leads, as has been seen, to the ‘objectification' of man's insight, so that it becomes rigidified and unable to change, eventually bringing about falseness and deception in our overall apprehension of the self and the world.

So perhaps there is a call on all of us to be entrepreneurs - and by that I mean those people who recognise the unique sense we each have of an issue and the unique gifts we bring to the world to develop creative solutions - and in that can be whatever sphere of life issues may arise.

Finally let me defer to the Institute for Participatory Design for another sense of how we open up our understanding of entrepreneurship:

Life entrepreneur: Our view is that in order to become an entrepreneur one would not necessarily have to establish a company. To behave in an entrepreneurial fashion, to us, means to implement ideas of an economic, social or ecological nature, with a view to improving one's surroundings in a responsible and autonomous way and with a willingness to take risks. An entrepreneur might build a house, establish a company, develop and produce a product, get an initiative underway, establish an NGO, help those in need, research a solution to a problem, or sail around the world in a self-built solar-driven boat. In this sense, all those who go through life with a positive, goal-oriented, self-responsible attitude are life entrepreneurs.

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