Dreaming of an End to Human Waste (not that type)

My "wonderings" from previous entires re-minded me of Bliss Browne's beautiful understanding of wholeness. In this she refers to the "recycling symbol" as a symbol of perfect giving, perfect receiving and nothing wasted. In thinking of the "ideal" entrepreneurship - as I was in the previous entry - I'm dreaming of a world where no human insight or gift is wasted.

Impossible you say?


But are we at an optimal point of waste reduction?

I think not!

There is still a deeper place to go.

I'm also reminded here of James Carse's provocative words in his life-changing little book Finite and Infinite Games:

Waste persons are those no longer useful as resources to a society for whatever reason, and have become...noncitizens. Waste persons must be placed out of view - in ghettos, slums, reservations, camps, retirement villages, mass graves, remote territories, strategic hamlets - all places of desolation and uninhabitable. We live in a century whose master players have created many millions of such "superfluous persons." .....It is society that declares some persons to be waste.

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