The Campaign Against Work/Life Balance

If I was a fierce campaigner I think my next campaign would be to end "work/life balance".

Actually that's deliberately provocative because I don't have a particular problem with the concept that lies behind the term. It's the term itself that needs shelving. For don't we have enough dualisms in the world without creating the illusion that "work" is somehow different to/separate from/the opposite of "life?"

Clearly work is part of life and I suspect something resembling balance comes when we truly realise that integration.

In fact my hunch is that when we cease to create dichotomies that include the word "life" (such as "life v death" and "work/life balance") and realise that life can't be "separated out" and "it's all part of life" that we will have reached a profound new place in the evolution of human consciousness.

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