Words are being created at a reasonable clip in the culture change/philosophy/ spirituality space. Usually such words are the result of adding a simple affix to a term that's already deeply important in the particular approach being explored.

"Inclusionality" is the most recent example I have found and I quite like it, given my sincere attachment to the root word - inclusion. Inclusionality is another way talking about the journey beyond the separation/dualism that comes with heady pursuits, but as I look at the "inclusionality" website there are some pretty "heady" concepts being explored.

Nevertheless I did resonate with the ideas in their MS PowerPoint presentation about the concept - another way to appreciate this journey beyond ego.

I particularly liked the comment on slide 12a (yes, there are quite a lot of slides) ...viz: "Don't declare self independent from neighbourhood, because to do so is cancerous."

The resonance here for me is that as I read David Servan-Schreiber's excellent book "Anti-Cancer - A New Way of Life" - ostensibly about the human/physiological understandings of cancer - I kept thinking "this is really a book about community, and the cancer that develops in society (read: any number of societal ills) when we lose connection amongst its parts."

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